Friday, January 16, 2015

Really Awesome FF

1.  This has been a very busy, wonderful week which started again Sunday having dinner with Deborah and her family to celebrate her husbands birthday.  She is such a great cook and I love chatting with her and her cute kids.
2.  Monday and Wednesday I had the best cycle classes.  The instructor is rather new and is so good.  I love, love, love cycle!
3.  Monday I had lunch with my friend Jolyn.  She is such a sweet lady.  Her grandaughter who isn't even 2 has leukemia.  It so sad, but we believe in miracles!  She gave me a beautiful watch that she made from beads that I love!  I worked 5 hours and then picked Aunt Leslie and Uncle Gordon up from the airport.
4.  Tuesday I worked all day and then surprisingly Mr. J invited me to have dinner.  Talk about a shocker.  I was hesitant, but went anyway for a free dinner, sure!  We actually had a great 2 hour conversation.  He is a good man, just not the right one for me.  I'm glad that we can be friends though. 
5.  Wednesday I waited practically the entire day for my license to come through so I could work, which it did and immediately went to work in Goodyear.  It was so nice to see 5 patients in 4 hours.  I like the change of pace there.
6.  Thursday I worked in the morning and then went hiking with Ofa.  I love our weekly hikes and of course our conversations make our hikes great.  I'm so glad that I have made such a wonderful friend here.
7.  Today I worked a few hours and then had lunch with two incredible women.  I connected with them earlier this week.  They are the founders of an ovarian cancer organization that raises funds for cancer research.  Their mother passed away nearly 2 years ago from this horrible disease.  Their goal is to raise money to find a test that can detect OVC early.  This organization is rather new, but has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this amazing cause.  They had the opportunity to be there in person at Stand Up To Cancer when Pearce Brosnan announced the focus on Ovarian Cancer.  This foundation might be new, but they've already made a name for themselves among the cancer community.  The 2 hours I spent with these ladies were the highlight of my week.  It was so wonderful to be able to talk about what they are doing and how I can be involved with spreading the word on OVC, early detection and to share my story.  The middle of February they will hold a golf tournament and gala that I'm so excited to be able to be a part of.  I am thrilled to work closely with this group and to meet other survivors through them as we battle this big bad silent killer! Oh and the fresh tuna salad at Grassroots was to die for.  I'll definitely be going back for it again.
8.  I topped my night off tonight by hiking Shaw Butte by myself.  I made it to the top of the mountain just as the sun was setting.  It was so beautiful.  The run down was very liberating and oh so enjoyable.  I love my new iphone and the hiking app that told me I burned nearly 500 calories in less than an hour, it definitely motivates me to hike more.
9.  Of course selling my house this week made this week even more awesome that it already was!
10.  A friend of mine since pre-school and probably before, lost her mother today from a heart attack and stroke.  She was only 70, but had an impact on not only her 9 children but all who knew her.  When we were growing up my mom always asked us why we couldn't be like the Ashcraft family.  We were never as quiet and well behaved as them, especially in church.  How grateful we are to know families are forever.

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