Thursday, July 23, 2015

20 Years Since High School

This past weekend was my 20th High School Class Reunion.  It really is crazy to think that I'm that old.  It was so enjoyabel to visit with friends, many of whom I haven't seen in 20 years.

The Friday evening gathering was wonderfully attended.  People always think it is awkward when you haven't seen someone for several years, but I didn't feel this way in the least bit.
Saturday I attended the BBQ Luncheon, but only for an hour.  I was so happy to see my friend Amy who has been my friend since 1st grade.  We double dated all through High School.  Our boyfriends played on the Varsity Basketball team together; it was fun for us to attend games together.

Saturday evening we had a nice dinner and program.  When I arrived an hour late to the evening festivities, I saw on all of the tables teal nail polish with an attached message.

What a huge surprise and humbling experience for me.  I didn't expect something so kind and generous in my support.  I truly have amazing people in my life and am so grateful for them.  I was given an opportunity to address my fellow classmates during the program.  I talked about my experience with Ovarian Cancer and about trials, that we all have them and how no trial is better or worse than another.  I hope my words touched someone in the crowd.

It was wonderful to be able to visit with my classmates, many of which I attended elementary school with.  There were 2 in attendance that I attended Kindergarten with.  I found myself saying, "This isn't just a High School reunion, it's a life reunion."
Friends since Kindergarten; a Nurse, PA and DR.  Mrs. Shea would be so proud.
For those of you who aren't aware, my brother Tyler was in the same grade as me.  It was awesome to grow up with him.  I never felt alone or afraid, because he always had my back.  One story I heard about him was when we were in High School and the guys in the locker room were saying inappropriate things to my then boyfriend after football practice about us.  Tyler wasn't afraid to put them in their place telling them not to talk about his sister in that way.

There were many, many who didn't attend our reunion.  For those people, I'm sorry you missed a great time.  I think the consensus is to have another reunion in 5 years because this one was so enjoyable, hope we see you there.

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  1. I love how they support you in your fight against cancer!! that is so touching to me, you do have wonderful friends and classmates!! You looked beautiful as always!!