Friday, July 24, 2015

Oh How I Love Thee Summer FF

1.  I was super sad to see Tristen and my nieces leave Saturday morning, but they needed to get back to their daddy and to attend dance camp this week.  My nieces have a special place in my heart and in my arms.  I am so glad we were able to spend nearly 2 weeks together this Summer.  We had such a great time and have already put it on the calendar for next year.  Lazy Summer day's can't be beat.
2.  Saturday was super busy.  I attended 2 baby showers, a birthday party, a lunch BBQ and a Dinner.  By that evening I was exhausted.  My cousin Callie threw the cutest "Around The World" baby shower making most all of the decorations.
3.  Sunday we had a BBQ and the kids all came over.  We did some tentative planning for our Disneyland trip.  Oh, are we going to have fun!
4.  Monday morning I went to see Alisha's new house.  It is around the corner from her old house.  I love her new house.  It is decorated so nicely.  I especially love a picture that is hanging in her living room, which hung in our grandparents house for years.  It looks perfect in her house.  We had us a lovely chat over Bowel of Heaven for breakfast.
 5.  Callie, Danielle, Becky and their kids came over Monday afternoon for some pool time.  Callie also cut my hair since I was starting to grow another mullet.  It grows so fast in the back, sure wish the sides would hurry up.  She actually said my hair was looking like a bell, so we thinned it a little.  It is really cute and actually has a cute style when I wear it straight, which is difficult to do when you live with humidity.  It was perfectly straight when I got to the ferry Tuesday night 15 minutes into my ride I had a head full of curls.
6.  Monday evening we went with Grandma Betty and Lee out for dinner.  We had such an enjoyable time visiting and eating of course.  After dinner my friends since childhood Derick and Terra dropped by.  I loved catching up with them.
7.  I flew back to MVY on Tuesday morning.  My dear friend Melanie stopped at the store and bought me some groceries before picking me up from the Ferry.  What a darling she is.  It is so wonderful to be back here.  It is quite possible that my plans will change as I will likely stay here now until September 3.  I just can't give it up and if I'm going to have to have chemo I might as well have it in a beautiful place.  The Summer is flying by so quickly, I want to savor all the time I have here.
 8.  I had a devastating case this week.  As a cancer patient myself, yet a medical provider, I had to inform my patient who is only 39 and had 4 children under the age of 8 that she had metastatic cancer throughout her spine.  She had finished treatment for breast cancer a year ago.  She had even had a double mastectomy.  Before I gave her the news I said a prayer that Heavenly Father would bless me with comfort and guidance as I gave her the diagnosis.  He was with me for sure as I was able to have composure as I discussed her test results.  There was a tender mercy in this experience given,  as I was able to tell this dear lady about my experience and to let her know that I knew exactly what she was feeling as I had experienced my very own recurrence of cancer just 1 month previous.  My heart still aches for her and her children.  Will you pray for Anne please?
9.  I spent nearly the entire day today with my dear friend Melanie.  She is so much fun and we have lovely chats when we are together.  She is cool too because she drives a Jeep.  We put the hood down today and let the wind blow our hair.  Most of our day was spent at the beach.  It was a perfect beach day.  We regrouped for an early dinner of fresh clams and oysters.  They were okay, but the experience was fun.   This bird swooped down and picked up the lunch of the person behind us at the beach today.  It was hilarious, especially when the person was trying to get it back from the bird.
10.  I moved today.  I wasn't fond of where I have been staying.  The location was perfect, but the house was dirty.  I'm now staying at the hotel in Vineyard Haven.  It is much cleaner and has 2 beds for when my guests come.  It also has a little kitchen, but the best thing is it has a private beach.  The view is spectacular.  I can't wait to do some exploring in the morning.  The town I'm staying in has beautiful white houses with black shutters and the yards are gorgeous.
 This was in the previous house across from the nasty loveseat hung what I guess some people call art.  I had to stare at this thing for weeks whenever I would sit down.
 11.  Tuesday when I returned I was trying to turn on the ceiling fan.  Somehow I fell and instead of just falling on the floor, I caught myself and slammed my face on the corner of the wall.  Since I didn't have ice, I immediately slapped a frozen chicken breast on my face.  It maybe helped the swelling, but the bruise looks awful.  Thankfully it looks worse than it feels, actually it doesn't hurt unless I touch it.


  1. Wow so much on one blog!! I'm falling in love with MV through your beautiful pictures!! That story is so sad and I have been praying for Anne and her family. I love your hair but your black eye --ow!! I'm glad your having a lovely time continue to enjoy while we FRY in this brown paradise!!! What is a cup of heaven???

  2. Bowl of heaven is a healthy smoothy but frozen.

  3. Oh yikes! That bruise does look ouchy. Glad it doesn't hurt too bad. Enjoy every second of the island life!