Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Still A Fabulous Friday

Regardless of the crazy cancer recurrence, I'm still able to find so many fabulous things about my weeks.  Since I missed last week I might have to add a few details from last week in this weeks Fabulous Friday post.
1.  The day I flew back to Phoenix I stopped by my local library.  There is something so happy about a library, especially the Oak Bluffs library!  I know I kind of sound like a nerd but there is something fabulous about putting my worries aside and getting lost in a good book.  I'm totally into fantasy books these days, but any good book will do.  There are so many books to choose from and so little time to read! 

2.  My friend Judy who is a nurse in the ICU picked me up last Thursday morning and we headed to Chilmark for Pizza at the General Store and to Chilmak Chocolates.  We had so much fun visiting and seeing the beauty of the island.  It was kind of nice to have someone else driving so that I could enjoy the beauty around me.
3.  I worked the fourth of July and it was nice and slow.  I love a slow day at work.  I loved the simplicity of Chilmark Stores 4th of July decorations.
 5.  It was so fun on Sunday to have dinner with my cousin Lauras family and to hold her precious 1 month old twins for 3 whole hours.  It was a little piece of Heaven for me. I'm pretty sure that holding newborns can make cancer all better.
6.  Laura's kids heart attacked the door for me.  It was so cute.
7.  My work surprised me with a cake and Indian Food on Monday.  We have been talking about going out to Indian Food months.  It was so delicious.
8.  Over the last 2 days, we have had so much fun in Grandma and Grandpa's pool.  The weather is perfect here in Idaho.  I love Summer and spending time with my family.  Tristen and the girls arrived Wednesday, just as my cousin Callie and her kids did too. 
It was so fun to have all of my nieces and nephews and some cousins here too.  My cousin Callie is so much fun.  We laugh a lot when we are together.  She is so creative.  We are working on some ideas to raise money for OVC research, will keep you posted.
9.  I have the best support system.  This week I have had so many people paint their toenails teal in my support.  The most awesome was Tanners group of work friends.
10.  We have so many July Birthdays in our Family.  This week we celebrated the twins turning 5.
11.  My dear friend Linda brought me a Rhubarb crisp on Wednesday.  It is so delicious.  She brought our family one when my Grandpa passed away in May and I've been craving it ever since.
12.  Mr. J's niece is serving her mission in the Nampa, Idaho mission.  She goes home in September.  3 days ago she got transferred to my parents ward.  Yesterday her and her companion met with my dad who is the mission leader and his assistant in our home.  I knew it was her when she walked in the door, even though I have never met her.  It was so fun to meet her and talk with her.  Mr. J was quite surprised when I sent him a picture of her.


  1. I also LOVE library's, getting lost in a book is the best!!! Thank you for the chocolate what a fun surprise!! I shared it with Laura's family and they loved it!!! You took the cutest pictures of Kate and Luke, I copied some of the pictures and showed them at work and framed one for Laura, you are a great photographer, one of your many talents!! Looks like so much fun in Idaho, cute pictures!! You always make me hungry when you blog about food-rubarb crisp--mmmm!! I need to call you so yur phone shouls be ringing in a few minutes!! Lov ya lov ya!!

  2. I'm so glad that you loved the chocolate. I love them so much, but right now I have no craving for chocolate or anything else sweet. Hopefully it will come back soon. Oh, yes the rhubarb crisp was delicious!