Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pool Time

We have spent so much time in the pool this week.  One of the best things about my parent's house is the pool they built when I was 14.  It occupied our time as kids and now the grandkids.  This week the pool was occupied at all hours of the day.  The kids like to swim at night because it cools off and it stays light until after 9, which is one of my favorite things about Summer in Idaho.

I love when my sisters, sister-in-law's, cousin's and friend's bring their kids over to swim, because it gives us all time to sit and chat.  This week all of them came at different times and sometimes together.  All of the kids swim super well, especially with their life jackets on and their mismatched floating wings.  The pool was full of little kids, no one drowned and no one got hurt.  And Tristen was the only ding dong who got sunburned.

Bridget went around singing the Fight Song, even in the pool.

 Here is a glimpse of our week at the pool...
I love this picture of Aidree and Gavin

We tried teaching Bridget how to do a cannon ball.  She was so funny.

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