Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Idaho Fun

Last week in between swimming, celebrating birthday's, being sick from chemo and my 20th High School Class Reunion fun (post to come) we also did the following:

We went to the 100th Snake River Stampede as a family.  It was crazy and the parents were afraid the kids would fall over the ledge and into the crowd below, but I'm happy to report all came away wanting to get on a horse or a bucking bronco.
One morning the sisters attended the beautiful Boise Temple. What a peaceful experience it was.  I loved being able to attend with my sisters.  The spirit was beautiful and even though I wasn't feeling well the entire time I was there it was a treasured experience.  I'm pretty sure that because of giving my time to serving others, Heavenly Father blessed me, because from that afternoon on I've felt back to my normal healthy self.  I might even venture to say the back pain even after traveling from Boise to MVY today is not even bothering me.
After the temple we stopped by one of our most favorite restaurants for Saturday morning brunch Tammi's Tea Cottage.  The reason being was because they are closing after 26 years.  It stinks that our favorite hometown restaurants always close; like the Beanery.  They say they will still do some catering, but I bet we will have had our very last one of these very unhealthy, yet amazingly delicious Monte Cristo's.  "Is it greasy?  Is it fattening?  I'll take it" (Inside Sisters Joke).
 Since I'll never have the opportunity to have a child, my brother Troy and Sister-In-Law Becky gave me the special opportunity to go with them to find out the gender of their baby coming December 1.  As soon as I saw the face I said, "It's a boy."  He looks like Beckett.  And yes he is a boy.  Stella wasn't happy one bit when we did our revealing party.  For that we bought a pinata and of course put lots of blue candy in it.  
But we also revealed to the kids that we are going to Disneyland in September by decorating it as Micky Mouse.  The kids are so happy, but I think the adults are even more excited.  This week we even reserved our 6 bedroom house with 2 laundry rooms which is only 2 miles from Disneyland.
My favorite part of my time home was just being together.  My mom always says it's a let down when everyone leaves.  I think she is probably right, but we always have our next get together on the books.  Mom, Dad, Tenielle and Tony will be here August 7 and most of us will be home again the end of August.  And in 2 months we will all gather at Disneyland for an entire week together! Until next time...

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  1. Snake River Stampede!! I went every year as a child and dearly loved it!!! I have no doubt your going to the temple even though you didn't feel good gave you lots of extra blessings!!! What a wonderful thing to do as sisters!! Disneyland will be so fun, you are such an angel to take your entire family!!