Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Specific Prayers Needed

My cousin Emilie came to town yesterday and we are having a blast!  We spent the entire day with my friends Wendy and Melanie at the beach which I so much enjoyed.  I loved being in the ocean and letting the waves carry me up and down; this was most relaxing and the water temperature was perfect.   

Today when I got off the beach I had a message from Dr. P asking me to call when I could.  He informed me that my blood draw which I had this morning showed a Neutrophil count of 0.9 (normal should be above 2) way too low for chemo. They will do chemo if it is above 1.  

Next chemo round is suppose to start on Friday.  A low neutrophil count makes me at risk for infection and working in the ER really makes me at risk.  Dr. P even suggested that I not work, which I quickly told him I was mostly just seeing trauma patients and I had to work for my sanity.  If counts don't go up I will have to have an injection of Neupogen, which I don't want to have.  The side effects from it aren't pleasant from what I've heard.  I was so very blessed the first time I had chemo to never have my counts decrease this low.

I have been rather tired this week, but feeling well.  The neutropenia explains the fatigue, even though I thought it was just from working 60 hours in 7 days.  The fatigue hasn't stopped me from my daily walks and enjoying a day at the beach though.

Because I know prayers work, I'm asking that you please be specific in your prayers for me the next two day's that my counts will go up, that I won't have to have the Neupogen and that my immune system continues to withstand infection.  I have absolute faith that Heavenly Father can increase my counts and that He hears all of our prayers.

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  1. We are all praying for that and hope for a miracle!! With all you're going through you still enjoy life to the fullest and have super human FAITH!! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!