Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy LOVE Day FF

Since it is the day that is all about LOVE I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I LOVE that you might not be aware of!
1.  Thunderstorms and the smell of rain
2.  Greek food, especially taziki
3.  New In Town, You've Got Mail, Sweet Home Alabama, and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.  I'm pretty sure I've watched these shows a combination of 100 times!
4.  Tulip's, Daisy's and Sunflower's
5.  Capri Black Yoga Pants
6.  The smell of baby lotion on a baby
7.  Wind chimes and porch swings
8.  Aquaphor for my lips and Goldbond lotion for my dry hands
9.  Homemade bread
10.  A novel with the mix of mystery and romance
11.  Surprises, my friend Aubrey sent me a text yesterday telling me she was surprising her family this weekend and wants to get together with me tomorrow.  Such a great surprise for me!  Can't wait to see her and her family!
12.  Listening to the Classical Station in the car
13.  Playing the piano and organ
14.  When a patient sincerely thanks me for helping them

And because it is Valentines Day I thought I'd share my favorite Valentines Weekend of all...4 years ago I was driving from Harrisburg to Salisbury which is about 40-45 minutes.  I remember talking to my mom and telling her that I was seeing snowflakes.  I met Nick at his house and then he took me to the most cozy restaurant with a fire and we were seated by these windows that extended from the floor to the ceiling.  We ate dinner as the snow came down like crazy.  It was so romantic.  We then went to a Valentines movie and when we came out it was like a blizzard.  We went to his house afterwards and I eventually braved my way back to Harrisburg around midnight.  I was reprimanded by his grandmother the next morning for not staying in Salisbury and going out on the roads.  To be honest I probably should have stayed put because the roads were awful.  We went to Ikea Saturday morning, had lunch at Panera and then I worked the night shift.  Sunday morning I went from work to Nicks and slept a few hours before we went to church.  Funny thing is I put hot curlers in my hair and they weren't quite cooled off when it was time to go to church.  Nick refused to let me leave the house with curlers in my hair, needless to say we were a few minutes late to church, not something that he likes to be.  That evening we went to a fireside put on by the 5Browns.  It was awesome and they played the most beautiful piano music and bore their testimonies.  Nick surprised me with a beautiful necklace placed in heart shaped glass bowls.  It was an awesome weekend and one I will likely never forget!

This past year I truly have come to know love like I never have before.  I'm blessed to have the most wonderful family and friends a girl could ask for.  Happy Valentines Day to you my friend and family!

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  1. That did sound like a perfect valentines week end. I agree with grandma, you should have stayed put!! I love your loves, how you appreciate life!!