Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Last night I had a dream that I missed my flight from Phoenix to SLC to meet up with my travel buddies for our trip to Europe.  Worst part I left my suitcase in the cab.  I woke up before getting on the plane to meet up with them, so I don't even know if I made it.  Lucky me I'll be in SLC a few days before leaving for Europe so that I don't miss my flight.  Today I'm making my final payment for our trip.  I can't wait!  Only 14 weeks until our trip!

Remember the Borscht that I made last week?  It was delicious.  I ate it every day for dinner.  And I made it with canned pickled beets; simplify your life.

My hand is numb as I type.  This is getting really annoying.  I'm taking 1200mg of neurontin and no relief.  I'm trying to have endurance.

I'm falling for some really awesome blue eyes, that have kept me up late the last few nights!

A lady at the gym yesterday commented on the growth of my hair, stating every time she see's me she notices that it has grown.  Awesomeness that a stranger has noticed.  Come on hair grow faster!

I loved watching the USA/Mormon girl win a medal in Skelatan, the USA winning Gold in Ice Dancing, and am excited for the iceskating this evening.

Mom and Dad are now Skyping!  Hooray for Skyping!

I finally have enough hair for a good lather with a wee dab of shampoo.  The new pixie cut is on its way!

And now I'm off to the gym:  swimming and weight lifting today, even though I kind of want to sit here and watch TV...prying myself off the couch right now!

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  1. Dreams are so funny we all have such weird ones!! Your hair is growing so fast!! Its probably those yummy spinach shakes!! Your so good you eat really well and always exercise!!