Friday, February 21, 2014

Hooray For Fabulous Friday!

I'm excited that another weekend is here!  I'm starting to really love having my Saturday's and Sunday's off.  So much to look forward to this weekend.  Nothing fancy, just spending quality time with people that make me happy!
1.  Saturday was a wonderful day!  My cousin Janna had a baby a week ago and I got to hold her on Saturday.  She is absolutely beautiful.  I got my baby fix!  It was so fun to spend time with Janna, my Aunt Charla who came to help with Janna and her kids and my Aunt Leslie!  We ate homemade cinnamon rolls with maple frosting which made me think of my Grandma Young.  I'm thinking her spirit may have been there with us!
2.  After getting home from Janna's I went to my friend Aubrey's parents to celebrate her mom's 60th birthday.  It was so fun, the food was amazingly delicious and beautiful and I had the most wonderful time catching up with Aubrey.  I love this friend dearly!   I'm so grateful Heavenly Father had her drive up just behind Tenielle and I as we were arriving at BYU for the Summer.  It was fun for me to let her see me healthy and strong since the last time I saw her I had just gotten out of the hospital.  What a treasure it was for me to enjoy her family too!  It had been 14 years since I had been in their home and brought me back so many memories.  We picked grapefruit and the largest lemons I have ever seen on a tree!  And yes, I eventually took the wig off!  The hair is growing!
3.  I got a paycheck last Friday!  First one in 8 months.  Of course I had to buy a new shirt with some of my hard earned money!  I've been wanting a white blouse with black polka dots, instead I found a white blouse with small square's.
4.  Deborah and her family spent the weekend here since her daughter had a volley ball tournament up here.  It was fun to visit with her and her family!
5.  I had one of the best Sunday walks ever this week.  Of course it was because of the person I was walking and talking with.  Late nights have been my thing this week and I'm sure they will continue for the remainder of the time I do this shift or at least I hope so!
6.  I sent my check in today to pay off my up coming European River Cruise!  So can't wait to travel.  I also bought a plane ticket today to go home conference weekend and to enjoy some family time!

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  1. It was so fun seeing Charla and Jana and especially that beautiful baby!! They were so sweet to invite us over and have such a yummy breakfast including those wonderful cinnamon rolls!!