Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lunch Date

This morning instead of going to the gym I went out for a jog!  It felt so good.  I'm finally able to jog a little without my feet hurting me so much.  I had to get my jitters out because I had a lunch date today!  Not that I was nervous or anything given the fact that we have seen each other nearly every day in the past few weeks!  And he has never made me nervous, just a little giddy!  It was so fun though, how often do you have a lunch date with a handsome blue eyed man in the middle of the week?  Not as often as it's going to get given the fact that he has Wednesday's off.  Plans for next Wednesday are already in the works.  I love trying new restaurants and he took me to one I'd never been to.  We had lunch on the patio which I love, especially being that it is still February.  We had a great conversation and I had a solid hour and a half of staring into the most beautiful blue eyes!  This man hugs me like no other man.  I love his hugs!  He told me today that I fit perfectly in his arms.  Ohhhhh!  Unfortunately I then had to go to work, even though he tried to convince me to call in sick; but not before I took him to one of my favorite places in Phoenix; under the grapefruit tree.  It's magical under there!

When I got to work my nurses who had no idea what I did this morning asked me why I was glowing.  Even though I was busy I had a hard time focusing on my work and even more so after I got this text, "I had lunch with this totally wonderful amazing woman who totally makes me want to have lunch with her everyday."  And then I had an even harder time focusing!  AHHHHHH!  And I will have to leave him for a time in 13 weeks.  I'm thinking it might be kind of difficult, but we will cross that bridge when it comes...for now I'm going to enjoy every minute I have with him!

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  1. AHhhh love is in the air!! Under the grapefruit tree is magical for sure!!