Monday, February 3, 2014

Today's The Day

8 months ago from today I became the patient.  Today I am back to being the provider.  I can't wait for my shift which goes from 1:30-10 which I'm not so stoked about, but it will give me mornings to work out.  It is only for the month of February unless I want to also do it in March.  I wasn't happy about it at first because I want to watch the Olympics, but I will just have to turn the TV to the Olympics and watch it in between my patients.  Funny thing is they called me at 9 and wondered where I was, because I had 6 patients already.  Someone messed up on the schedule.  Glad it wasn't me who made the mistake.  I'm so excited to see my amazing nurses, especially Ruth and Lisa!


  1. She's back and stronger than ever!!! Welcome back Terah, we love having you here!!