Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 First Fabulous Friday

It's the first Fabulous Friday of 2014.  Every time I think to end FF, I think of reasons to continue it.  FF has gotten me past hard times and helped me find the positive things in my life so I guess I will continue  it for now, so here goes:
1.  Last Friday we had diner with Troy and Becky's family at Texas Roadhouse.  Tenielle, Gavin and I sat in one booth and the others in another.  When the waitress asked Gavin what he wanted his response was, "Prime Rib and Ribs."  Really, what are they feeding him at home?  Actually we ordered him their really good chicken fingers and Tenielle and I ordered ribs to share.  We helped him eat the chicken fingers and he shared our ribs.  Funny boy.
2.  I have worked out 6 out of the past 7 days (excluding Sunday).  I can't tell you the last time that happened or if it ever did.  I'm a bit sore, but a very good sore!  I love having a fit body, I'm not there yet, but give me a few more months at this rate and I'll be back to where I want to be.  I must admit, I am loving my swimming routine.  I swim 30 laps a day and think I might extend that to 40 today.  I always thought you could only be in the zone with running, but I feel it with swimming too.  I also thought my abdomen would never be close to flat ever again, but I'm happy to report I'm seeing some progress!
3.  Tenielle was going to leave Saturday but ended up staying one more day.  It was so good to have her here.  She made a pan of baklava on Friday, which I didn't think I liked.  Oh, I love it now, especially the end pieces.  There is one more piece sitting on the counter and I'm sure it will be gone the end of today.
4.  I had lunch with 2 of my friends on Tuesday who stem all the way back to kindergarten.  We talked for over 3 hours, I finally had to tell them I had to leave.
5.  I have been planning my European River Cruise and trip to New Orleans this week.  I can't wait until my travels begin for the year!  Only 13 more days and I'm off again!
6.  We went to Costco on Saturday and I ran into a lady who was in my Mom's ward when I was a baby.  I had talked to her this past Summer about her diagnosis with Ovarian Cancer.  She has been cancer free for 12 years and she had had a hysterectomy before she was diagnosed with OC.  They just had left a piece of ovarian tissue.  It was nice to finally meet her and it gives me hope that I can live cancer free.
7.  Baby Calvin turned 1 this week.  He is such a sweet baby.  He fell asleep just as the party started, but wasn't too crabby once we woke him up.

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  1. Your determined to live life to the fullest!! You work out a lot, your planning such fun trips, you enjoy family friends and food!! Isn't baklava hard to make? Love aunt L