Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Day Before I Leave Again

I have about 15 or so hours before I'm about to get on the road to Phoenix and what am I doing, blogging of course.  If I blog it means that I can put off the inevitable packing.  It's hard to pack for sunny Phoenix when it is colder than a witches wet tit here in Idaho (I can say that because I always heard it growing up).  I've got quite a bit accomplished the last few days with my clothes.  What I mean is I've cleaned out the room upstairs, packed all of my winter clothes away and taken them to the storage unit.  I have separated stacks into what I think I might take, brought a few pair of shorts from a summer storage bin that actually fit and a box of my favorite summer clothes which I need to go through from the storage unit.  My goal is to pack lightly given the fact that more than half my days in Phoenix will be spent in scrubs.  I have yet to try on my typical 5 pair of scrubs; I sure hope they fit.  I may have gained a few pounds, but my jeans that I've been wearing for 5 years still fit so the scrubs better too.  (No I haven't gained 50 pounds over the past 8 months, but five pounds on me is like 10 pounds on you.)  If they don't I can always borrow them from the hospital, which is what I really should do which would give me less laundry, but you see they are this ugly teal color, they don't come in petites and I really don't like my pant legs to drag.

Back to the packing, I'm going to try to do the color coordinate thing like they show on pintrest 30 outfits with 10 pieces.  Ok, maybe not 10 pieces, but the color coordinate thing for sure.  And it isn't like I'm not returning home every 2 months to see Dr. Dan, so I can switch out clothes if I get sick of what I brought or better yet if they are too big and I need a smaller size.  Speaking of Dr. Dan I saw him today.  First thing he always tells me before he even sits down is my CA 125 which was 6!  That is the lowest is has ever been!  When I talked to him about my neuropathy and pain He said, "Lets face it, you had the worst chemo regimen there is, I'm not surprised you are having some side effects from it."  I'm sure glad he didn't tell me this in July before I started chemo or I probably wouldn't have done it, well I would have, but I would have really been freaked out.  We are going to up the doses and frequency of neurotin, which he thinks will work since it worked the first 2 weeks.  Today I also met with the dietitian who gave me some great information that better work, 5 meals a day at 250 calories each meal.  Sounds pretty easy.  It's not like I'm pigging out people, just been a little preoccupied with this thing called Ovarian Cancer.  I'll take a little weight gain over puking from chemo any day.

Speaking of weight gain, I'm off to have dinner with Tyler and Troys families and to say goodbye to them for a few months.  I'm going to have a healthy Costa Vida Salad.  And by the way, I also worked out this morning with the trainer, so yes, I've been a bit busy today.  Good thing I have all night to pack, because to be honest, the suitcase isn't even out of storage.

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  1. WOW 6 that's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Witches wet tit, never heard that one, it made me laugh!! See ya soon Love AL