Friday, January 17, 2014

It's a Foggy Fabulous Friday

1.  January Winter Foggy Fridays are not my favorite, they make me want to stay inside, however when I look outside and the tree's look beautiful with white frost on them it makes me smile.  What makes me smile even more are the 7 fabulous women I went to lunch with today (Sister Jones, Pool, Schlerf, Cook-Jensen, Tague, and Markus).  They are all women who have had such a great impact on my life since I was a young girl dating clear back to Primary.  I love each of them and received wise words of wisdom from them as I embark on my new adventures.  I'm so sad I didn't take a picture of this luncheon, definitely next time.
2.  Last Friday I had a slumber party with my cousin Alisha, I know you might say we are too old for slumber parties, but we aren't!  She taught me how to play Settlers.  It was pretty fun.  We watched a movie The Tourist which was pretty good too.
3.  I had a massage this week to try to get rid of my neuropathy, it didn't work, but it felt good!
4.  Alisha, her husband and I went to Flatbread this week.  I love Flatbread and highly recommend their vegi pizza and Italian salad with roasted red pepper dressing.
5.  Last night we had a baby shower for my friend Charleen.  Her baby is darling and such a chunk.  I had fun decorating with candy and an anchor theme.
6.  Today Troy and Becky went to the temple.  We watched their 3 youngest kids and had such fun skyping Tristen and the girls while they were here; technology is a grand thing!  I let Stella play in the water while I put my makeup on; I'm such a fun aunt!  We also watched a Disneyland Movie of songs and scenes from Disneyland which made me want to go there sometime with my nieces and nephews in the near future.
7.  This week I heard from Martha's Vineyard.  Dr. Z. said he wants to finally get me out there.  I can't wait!
8.  I'm slowly packing up my winter clothes and just about to get out my summer ones, even though I'm sure it was just a month ago that I put them away or at least it feels like it.  I can't wait to go to Phoenix and get started back to work come Feb. 3 (even though I will go into work Jan 30 for a few hours).


  1. who cares about Martha's Vineyard when you have Phoenix to look forward to!! Its been in the mid 70's which I'm praying for cooler weather but its just not happening HGH!! See you soon!! L Aunt L

  2. Terah, HAIR!!! AWESOME!!! I love the pic of Tour mom smiling & taking Stella's pic :) sweet