Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday, LOL Donation FF

1.  This has been a fabulous week which started out with celebrating dad's birthday Saturday morning with the kids having pancakes, doing some dancing (yes Tyler and Troy dance with broom sticks) and then watching Gavin in his first basketball game of the season, having lunch with Grandma Betty and friends, and watching The Book Thief with friends.  I actually really liked the movie, which wasn't what I expected it would be about.
2.  Tuesday Alisha came over, we made a Costco run, ate some homemade bread made by mom and chatted for awhile.  I will miss all the time I have spent with Alisha and her family over the past 8 months.  It sure has been fun!
3.  Wednesday evening we went to costa vida with the kids.  I will miss these kido's too.  They are all so cute!  Beforehand Troy came over and Beckett had to bring out a stash of snacks for his siblings.  He is such a doll and so loving.  He often comes up to me, hugs my legs saying, "I love you."
4.  Yesterday we finally made it out the house and on the road after visiting with the grandparents first.  We went to the play Forever Plaid which was quite cute!  I love staying in SLC now because I stay at Tristen's in my bed that I have let her borrow.  It's so comfy.
5.  This morning my friend Jenny who I've been friends with since I can remember came over to visit.  She is going with us to Europe. We can't wait!  It was such fun to sit a visit with her for 2 hours.  This morning I also enjoyed reading about princesses and cuddling with my nieces.  They are such fun!
6.  Tenielle finally had enough hair to donate to locks of love!  I think she looks great with short hair.  It has been 13 years since her hair was short.  It means so much to me that she donated in honor of me.  We will now grow our hair out together.  Tristen just got a trim, but says' she will cut it next time I'm in SLC, since I will be growing my hair out for some time.  Our cousin Amy did the cutting!

7.  We had dinner with my cousins this evening.  It was such fun.  Aunt Leslie this picture's for you!

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  1. Thank you for that picture I love it, what a beautiful family we have!!! Tony is getting a bit elderly but other than that---j/k Tilly's hair is so cute!!! Did you know that's what my mom called her? Ofcoarse she did have the best hair stylist ever!!!!!! My girls were so excited to see all of you!! Love al