Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Coldness

January is by far my least favorite month.  It is always so cold no matter where you go in this country, except maybe Phoenix.  For those of you who don't watch TV (like Alisha), there has been some extreme winter weather in our country this week.  Lucky for us Idahoans, we have only seen a little snow and ice and not the -40 degree weather like the rest of the country this week.  In fact today it got up to 43 after a cold morning.  Crazy very small stretch of fog and ice this morning caused a 46 car pile up on the freeway in our neck of the woods today, something that you usually only see in big cities.
I keep warm these winter days by wearing sweatshirts, drinking tea, going to the gym and staying close to the fire with a good book in hand (Winners is the choice this week).  In the next week however I will be packing my up my winter clothes and packing for Phoenix; short winter for me thank goodness!


  1. hey we're excited to see you in this WARM neck of the woods!! When are you coming???? Love Aunt L