Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Goals

I admit, I'm not really one to make goals the first of every year, but this year I feel because I beat so many odds last year that it would be only right for me to make goals in 2014.  So here are just a few goals that I want to meet in 2014
1.  A vacation to Europe...I know I always say this but I even got an email from my friend yesterday asking me when I wanted to go.  I think the day I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer would be a great day to go!
2.  Run a 10k...maybe the Great Potato in May.
3.  With the Ovarian Cancer diagnosis I want to be an advocate for the disease.  I plan on doing this by having a run in Nampa, turning the town teal and developing a power point and presentation for PA conferences.  I at least want to accomplish the last one as I think the first 2 might take more than a year to accomplish.
4.  I want to be back to a size 6 this year, preferably by June.
5.  Increase my temple attendance.
6.  Get "The Book" done for 2013 and 2014 before Christmas 2014.
7.  Continue to stay in remission...In my eyes I'm cured which is why I made Dr. C take out my chest port.  I told her if it comes back she will just have to put it back in, but I have no intentions of ever having to have chemo again.
8.  Growing my hair out into some super cute short cuts.  Who knows I may like short styles so much I might not ever go back to the long look, even though I do love a pony tail.
9.  Snuggling my nieces and nephews more.  Gosh I love those kids.
10.  Be more Christ-like.

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  1. Those are wonderful goals!! I haven't even gone there yet but will when I have some TIME!!! Love Aunt L