Thursday, January 23, 2014

Goodbye Winter

I know it isn't quite February, but given the fact that I'm leaving winter behind me for some Phoenix sun, I've decided to just go right ahead and change my blog background a week or so before it is actually love month.  I love February even when I'm not in love, I think it is because I love the color red.

Yes, I'm packed in one suitcase I might add!  I decided to go with wearing the ugly teal scrubs at least for a few months, I can always grab them when I come back for a visit.  I did sneak in one pair though.  I do still need to pack my "carry on" bag in my new vera bradley bag!  It's so nice that I don't have to pack all of that hair stuff, maybe that is why I have one less bag.

Remember the Flip Flop Box?  I went to get my flip flops out from last summer and the one's I really want aren't in there and I can't find them in any closet.  I'll be on the hunt for them as soon as I wake up in morning.

For now I will try to go to sleep; I really am tired...but you know how it is the night before you go on a trip, you think of all that you are forgetting to pack?  Except it is worse when you are leaving for 4 months!


  1. Love your background!! On to the land of the sun!! Love al

  2. Yay for letting someone else do your laundry! Good choice :)
    And who doesn't like buying new flip flops? Sounds like it may be in order. Safe travels my friend! Lauren