Friday, November 8, 2013

Early Nov. FF

1.  Friday Tenielle came to town for a quick weekend home.  We met her for lunch/early dinner and a Costco run.  Friday night we went to our hometown High School football game to watch our cousin play.  It was fun to see old friends from my school days.
2.  Saturday evening we had Young Family Halloween a little late because Aunt Leslie, Uncle Gordon and cousin Lisa came for the first time!  The turn out was huge.  We had soup, long johns and hayrides.  The kids also did some trunk or treating.  Needless to say I had some massive abdominal pain before trunk or treating so I had to go home.  I did dress up as a 70's disco girl with one of my awesome wigs and a dress from a dress up dance in College; I couldn't find the awesome white boots that went with the outfit.  It was fun and fun to see lots of family.  Aunt Leslie and her family stayed at our house the two nights they were here.  It is always fun to have her in town and even more fun to have her stay at our house!
3.  Monday evening I went to Alisha's for dinner, FHE, browsing and eating her children's Halloween candy and a nice cold walk.  Yes we had to walk off the candy.  It was 36 when I got in my car after our walk, too cold for my liking, but at least we got some exercise in.
4.  Tuesday my friend Pam and her daughter Morgan came to town!  Super fun having her here! Morgan has the cutest goldie locks!
5.  Wednesday we did some shopping, had lunch with Desiree and Alisha at Flatbread and then a visit to Aunt Carols.  She made me 4 crocheted hats with thick yarn, super warm and cute!
6.  Yesterday Aunt Carol and Alisha came over.  She helped me sew my first hat!  I think I like crocheting better than sewing, but it was fun and I have a warm, stylish hat from it now.  We took Pam to lunch at our favorite Robin's Nest.  I've decided I like this "stay at home mom thing!"  We go to lunch, do crafty things and fix dinner.  I could totally do this, but I admit I do miss working.
7.  Found out this week that Boise is getting a Charming Charlies!  I can't wait.  I love this store, not like I need any more jewelry or scarves. 


  1. Addicted to Charming Charlie! My closest one is in Seattle, which is probably a good thing.
    And....I have fuzz! Not much, but it's got to start somewhere. I'm five weeks past chemo - so keep a lookout, girlfriend!
    Actually, have your peeps keep a lookout. Kind of hard to see the top of your own head.

    1. Hooray for fuzz! My mom keeps saying, "I think it is growing" and rubs my head (which is annoying). There isn't anything there yet, but I keep saying when Teresa has hair, I'll get it 4 weeks after she does! Thanks for the update. I think Boise might be closer than Seattle, you might have to come for a visit!

  2. It was so fun being in Nampa with all my family!! The Halloween party was everything we thought it would be but more crowded!! I loved staying at your house your parents are so kind and unselfish to have all of us at the last minute!! I loved being in their beautiful, comfortable home and having a chance to have you and your mom and dad to ourselves for a little while!! You're all the best of the best and I can't thank you and your mom and dad enough!!!!