Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My life use to be glamourous or at least that is what some of my friend's use to tell me.  Really it wasn't, but I hate to admit it was much more glamourous 6 months ago than it is now.  My life now is far from glamourous.  No funny medical stories, no dress up occasions (thank goodness, because those clothes don't look good on me now anyways), no recent vacations (however one is 1 week away).  I hardly have eyelashes on my bottom lids and left upper lid, I wear clothes that are loose and cover my abdomen including, but not limited to yoga pants and skirts (nothing tight) and remember I still have a bald head.  The other day someone suggested that I get a belly band so I can be comfortable in my jeans (yes those are for pregnant women).  Instead I used the rubber band theory so that I could wear my jeans.  It worked, unfortunately I still have to wear a shirt that covers my abdomen and no belts.  There are other non glamourous things about my medical condition; I will spare you the details.

Moral of this post:  I miss a little glamour.  I miss having a much flatter abdomen without a bag attached to it (1 month from tomorrow it will be gone!), being able to wear normal clothes, doing my hair, going to work where I take care of patients instead of the one being taken care of, sweating like crazy for 2 hours at the gym and having the energy to do whatever I please.  In fact you should see me now, brown hoodie with the saying, "Wanted John Deere" which I got on one of my quick trips to visit my cousin Emily in Alabama and one of my most comfortable sweatshirts I own, but really who is going to wear this logo out and about?  Not me.  I have on my gray maxi skirt pulled clear up to my chest so that it won't drag on the ground, a non-matching hat and faded lip stick with bare feet.  I use to only dress down when I would work in the yard, but these days I dress for comfort and to keep warm.  I sure hope I can find something stylish for my upcoming trips.  With the stretched out abdomen that I have, I might just have to borrow some maternity clothes and of course bring my rubber bands along.
PS.  Happy 11/12/13, go celebrate and be glamourous for me today will you please?

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  1. Are you kidding me?? You are still glamourous, you look wonderful and are always stylish!! BUT I see mega glamor in your future!!! Love Aunt L