Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

All day I've been thinking of how grateful I am for the events that this year has presented me with.  A new job, a cancer diagnosis, a trip to Disney World and Charlotte, visits from wonderful friends and family.
I'm thankful for:
-modern medicine and doctors who went out of their way to give me the best medical care.
-the hundreds of cards, packages, visits, phone calls and well wishes sent by so many friends and family.
-the many prayer's in my behalf by friends, family members and strangers from many different denominations.  Last night Aidree said the family prayer.  In it she said, "Please bless Aunt Terah that her hair and eyelashes will grow back."  I cried.  Then Bridget said, "Don't cry, your hair will grow back."
-my nieces and nephews who pray for me and bring me so much joy and happiness.
-siblings and their love, for going out of their way for me and visiting me when they could have gone on a fancy vacation instead of coming home.
-my parents who have taken care of me over the past 6 months and done all those things that I wish I could have done for myself.
-new friends who are suffering through the same thing I have been going through.
-Great insurance, funds to pay for my medical bills and extra to live on.
-The knowledge that I work for a great company who is behind me and will take me back when I can start working again.
-a deeper appreciation and understanding of the atonement, for Jesus Christ who has suffered what I have suffered.
-making it through 5 months of chemo, with minimal side effects.
I'm ever so grateful for endurance through trails that have made me stronger and better.

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  1. We all have so much to be grateful for!! Going through so much this year has given you a deeper understanding of what is really important in life!! Love Aunt L