Sunday, November 10, 2013

November Leads To December

I am loving November, as we are coming to the middle of the month.  I don't think I have ever loved this month as much as I am now.  I am pretty sure some of it is because it is not freezing here YET and near 60 degree's today.  It's likely somewhat do to the fact that I'm more grateful for more than I ever have been.  Being diagnosed with a disease that could potentially take my life gives me a much deeper perspective when it comes to gratitude.  Maybe some of my love for this November is because I have so many things to look forward to in the coming months or maybe it's the people that I have seen and will see this month.  Maybe it's the thought that it is pomegranate, cranberry and pumpkin season.  Or maybe it's the fact that I'm finally feeling more like myself, without any pain and having more energy than I have had in the past several months.  I will admit I'm not super happy about turning 1 year older, but being in NYC on my birthday will make it a lot more exciting, at least I have another year thanks to modern medicine, prayers and a positive attitude.  Yesterday when driving downtown I noticed several sidewalks with piles of leaves on them and thought to myself how much I love hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet!

Today I am watching my first Hallmark Christmas movie (which takes place in NYC), sipping on a hot drink and wrapped in a blanket with the fireplace blaring.  I've been listening to Christmas music, I'm starting my first Christmas book of the season A Christ Centered Christmas by Emily Freeman, planning Decembers Relief Society Activity and I have most of my Christmas shopping done.  I am so excited about the gifts and gift baskets that I'm putting together for friends and family!  I don't need a single thing, but I love this season of giving and letting people know how much I love them!

I'm excited for the coming weeks to do some holiday baking, spend more time at the gym getting my body back (at least for the next few weeks before another surgery) and spending time with those I treasure and love!  Here's to what I hope will be the best 8 weeks of 2013 (yes that's right only 8 more weeks in 2013)!


  1. As usual I love your blog and how thankful you are for everything!! We are so much alike I love fall and the crunch of leaves and drinking hot chocolate by the fire and pumpkin and apple anything. Now if you could see it my way and forget those disgusting onions we would be like twins thirty years apart!!

  2. I love my mom's comment. So funny! Terah, you are great at describing things. I almost felt as if I were there with you as you watched the movie and sipped your festive drink. Happy birthday early!!!