Friday, November 1, 2013

Ah, November's First Fabulous Friday!

1.  We had one of the most beautiful Octobers ever here in Idaho.  I have loved every moment of it, even if it included chemo, but chemo is over and I have a new month to work on getting well and getting my body back.  I jogged for the first time this week since May, not long, but it felt good.  Working towards my goal of a 5K on Thanksgiving day!
2.  Monday night I went to a look good, feel better class offered for cancer patients.  I enjoyed it, got a lot of nice free make up and learned how to work my eyebrows.  They look much better now.  Sure can't wait to get my full eyebrows and eyelashes back.  I hope they come by Christmas.
3.  Monday night I also went to Alisha's where we made carmel apples and had Family Home Evening.  Her kids are so awesome; I love them like my own.  I heard they are saving all their licorice from trick or treating to give to me!  What sweet kids they are.
4.  My head is getting cold and the crochet hats and scarves aren't keeping it warm.  I've thought of some cute designs and my aunt Carol has a huge fabric collection.  I went to her house yesterday and picked out some cute fabric for some hats.  Monday we are going to put them together!  I feel like I need some style, so that's what I'm hoping for.
5.  Halloween included Taco Soup, Dragon Fly (one of the greatest movies ever) mummies, cowboy's and an indian, and a little duck dynasty.  We missed the ladybug and snow white this year.
6.  Last year I published my 2009 blog and it was ok, but last week I found a better way to publish it via cutestblogontheblock.  Last week I published 2010's blog.  It was so easy and I had it in less than a week.  I got it on Monday and absolutely love it.  So I ordered 2011's this week.  It is an awesome thing to have and look through.  So grateful for technology!


  1. Found the best hat ever for my cold head - $5.00 at Target. Simple gray fleece but so amazingly comfortable. I have hated every single hat I've tried until this one. Have fun making hats with your aunt!

  2. Oh, I'll have to go to Target! If I find one that we make that I like I'll make 2; one for me and one for you!

  3. Love your updates! Love that you're still your amazing, positive self - always celebrating life's moments and finding the positive! Can't wait to see you sooooon!! :)

  4. I've never seen Dragonfly I better go rent it!! Cute little ones dressed up for Halloween!!