Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Fabulous Friday

1.  NYC...need I say more.  It was truly fabulous.  I'm working on the post, so be patient.  I loved every part of being in NYC except of course the wind and cold which we only had the last 2 days we were there.
2.  I accomplished my goal of doing a 5K 1 month after Chemo, which we did yesterday.  It was great fun!  It was cold when we started out, but warmed up when we got going.  We finished a lot slower than normal, which is fine because we weren't racing for a prize, just for fun.  We did stop a few times for pictures though.
3.  I had my pre-op with Dr. Cooper Tuesday when I got back into town for my reversal!  I so can't wait.  2 weeks from today I will be Hank free (aka the bag).  She is the most awesome Dr.  She told me that my case was so rare that only 1% of the population of ovarian cancer patients are my age.  She also said that she think mine is caused by endometriosis too, which we have felt all along.
4.  Our entire family is home for the holiday.  This is the first time that we have all been together since probably New Years.  It is so cozy here with mom's cooking and a fire!
5.  Wednesday was a fun day being in the kitchen with mom and Tristen.  I love the cooking day before Thanksgiving.
Grandpa Swensen needed a break from his house.
6.  I'm going to Charlotte on Tuesday.  I can hardly wait to see my friends that have given me so much support and love through this journey.
7.  Being that it is the day after Thanksgiving, we decided it was okay to have cherry pie for breakfast!
Tanner brought his friend Kayla home, she joined us for pie.


  1. Cherry pie for breakfast totally makes sense to me!! I really can't believe you did a 5k so soon after chemo you are one for the books!!! Hank free I'm so excited for you, then you will feel FREE!!! Isn't Thanksgiving a lovely holiday one of my favorites!! !% WOW, crazy!! Hey have soooo much fun on your trip to Charlotte!! I'm happy you had so much fun in NY but you should have come to Phoenix for a few days to warm up, its in the 70's here UGH!! Love Aunt L

  2. Aunt L I love your comments! You are so awesome. Hoping to come to Phoenix the end of January! Yes, a 5k I've got to get back to my regular routine sooner rather than later, but Hank's surgery will soon slow me down again, ugh.