Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Amazing NYC Vacation

NYC was wonderful.  Mom and I had a fabulous time.  It was relaxing and enjoyable!  Of course I can't imagine going to NYC without having great friends and family to stay with, because you know they make the vacation even better....
***DISCLOSURE: Even though it sound like all we did was eat, keep in mind, we shared everything. We even shared our little waffle, each of us having only 2 bites.  And Tuesday when I had to get on the scales at Dr. C's, I hadn't even gained any weight; thank goodness.
November 19:  Woke way to early like 3:30AM to catch a 5:30 flight after 2 hours of sleep you would have thought I would have been able to sleep on the plane.  Maybe a little, but not much.  We had a short layover in Minneapolis and then onto NYC.  We arrived around 1:30PM.  We got our week's metro pass for a mere $30 which is the way to go if you will be there for a week, totally worth it.  We boarded a bus, then the metro and then walked the 2 blocks to Shelley's apartment.  Oh, it was so good to see this dear friend of mine.  I have been so blessed to have the McConkie's as my friends.  They are the kind of friends that you can go without seeing for a good while and pick up just like you had seen them a week ago.  They have the cutest little family ever.  Being the gourmet cook that Shelley is, she made us a delicious taco soup for dinner.  After dinner my cousin Kyrie came over and she then took us to Cafe Lalu, which is the cafe where Meg Ryan waits for her email friend to visit her in You've Got Mail and then he doesn't come, well he does, but he doesn't.  I love that show and I loved this cute cafe.  I had the best chocolate mouse cake ever!  Of course every night we talked late into the evening with our friends and cousins.
November 20:  We met Kyrie bright and early at the Katie Show!  I am a huge fan of the Katie Show so we of course had to go.  We had great seats in the 4th row.  The studio was much smaller than it looks on TV.  Today they were taping segments from 2 different shows.  The first segment was fantasy for a day, which Katie's was to be a beautician.  She actually cut someone's hair, with the help of Tabatha Coffey hair stylist of the stars, who was darling as ever.  The next segment was how to get the best holiday deals...we got a book out of it.  The last segment was Angelica Houston, we also got her book.  The entire morning was a lot of fun and went by so quickly.  Kyrie got a singing opportunity during  a commercial break thanks to me.
We then met up with my cousin Taylor.  We tried to get tickets to Broadway, but were unsuccessful.  For lunch we went to Ellen's 50's Diner where the waiters and waitresses sing for you.  They were so good.  We visited Rockefeller Center, The NBC store, saw the Crystal Star with 25,000 crystals that they will put on top of the Christmas tree, tried some delicious dumplings (where Taylor use to work), walked 5th Ave, spent time in Grand Central Station and Lincoln Center.  Inside of Grand Central Station is the whispering wall.  One person stands in one corner and the other in the opposite corner and you can carry on a conversation; it's because of the architecture.  Pretty Cool!   We tried some delicious waffles from a waffle truck and then ended our evening with Shake Shack and the best pumpkin pie concrete ever.  Yes, by the end of the day our feet were tired of walking, but our tummy's were full of delicious food.
November 21:  I woke early for my conference.  It was so well done and I learned a lot more about Diabetes treatment.  Mom spent the day at the MET and time in Central Park.  Shelley is a gourmet cook and made the best butternut squash soup and apple muffins for dinner.  Mom and I then went to see Annie on Broadway.  It was pretty good.
November 22:  I again went to my conference where the entire morning was focused on narcotics.  Again I learned a lot of different things that will be useful when I go back to work.  Speaking of work, I've decided to go back Feb. 3.  I will definitely be ready by then.  Yes, today was my birthday!  I had lots of sweet messages from all of my wonderful friends and family, totally made my day.  I walked by the giant Macey's, which had this great Believe sign.  Shelley and her kids made me a birthday banner which I loved!  Let me tell you about these kids, they are the cutest ever, just like my nieces and nephews.  We met up with Taylor and Kyrie, had dinner at Tai Market and bought some delicious French pastries from some random shop.  We stayed at Shelley's the first 3 nights and at Kyrie and Taylor's the last 3 nights.
Isn't this the sweetest Melanie ever!
November 23:  We met Shelley at one of my most favorite spots in NYC; Alice's Tea Cup.  We had delicious scones and tea and a great conversation.  Have I mentioned my new love for herbal tea?  We then did a little window shopping before Shelley had to make her way home to take kids to birthday parties.  The rest of us went to China Town and Little Italy where we of course spent some well earned money.  We had lunch in Little Italy at Passeno's of Mulberry and Gelato at Farrero's.  That night we went put our names in for the lottery for Newsies; which every one who put their name in won.  Between the lottery and the show we had dinner at New York Beer beer just good flatbread sandwiches.  I loved Newsies,  the music and acting were wonderful.  The weather up until this evening was wonderful, but then we had some snow flurries and it turned bitter cold.  The apartment was freezing that night and so were we.
November 24:  It was super cold and windy this morning.  Mom and I went to church in our pants under our skirts and I wore a hat for the beginning, it was that cold.  We spent the afternoon and evening with Shelley and Matt.  Shelley made a delicious gourmet dinner for my birthday.  Lots of vegetables and sausages. She also made a delicious angel food Birthday cake.  I love this family!
November 25:  We met Shelley and the kids at Absolute Bagels, which had the best sun dried tomato cream cheese.  I'm totally into bagels and cream cheese thanks to NYC and my cousins.  And not just bagels, everything bagels.  Never thought I would like them, but I love them.  It was also so very cold, so we had to stop and get tea at Spices and Teases.  Super yummy.  We then had to say our goodbye's and headed back to Kyrie and Taylors to catch our super shuttle to head back home.  Oh, what a fabulous way to celebrate remission!  Sad to leave, but hope to return again someday soon.
Good By NYC, Until Next Time!
PS. We also had Levaines Bakery chocolate peanut butter cookies which I brought home and were still delicious a few days later.  Had tea at Jocque Torres, a cupcake from Sugar Plumm and a bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese from 72nd Bagels.  Kyrie had also bought Thompsons everything bagels with vegi cream cheese from the supermarket which were delicious too and can be found at your local supermarket; check them out, yummy toasted!


  1. Whew what a whirlwind of activities! So fun! Love that you got to see Shelley and her family- and thanks for the texts :). We will see you soon!

  2. So many priceless memories with NYC, family and friends and all the talk about food is making me sooo hungry!! That was a wonderful way to celebrate your remission!!! February 3rd yea!! Lets eat lots of mangos!!! I simply love them because of you!! Cute pictures!! Love Aunt L