Friday, December 6, 2013


1.  We forgot to do Tristen's Thanksgiving activity on Thanksgiving, so we did it on Saturday...Loved it!
2.  Saturday was a fun filled way to start off the Christmas Season as we went to see Yes Virginia There is a Santa Clause.  It was at our local Civic Center and done by locals.  We enjoyed the hour long production.  We then went to our favorite Idaho Pizza.  Then to see the amazing lights in Caldwell.  We even got a family picture, first time in a long time.  We then enjoyed some tea and hot chocolate after stopping by to see Grandpa Swensen.  The BSU game was also entertaining.

3.  I drove home with Teneille and Tanner Sunday, to fly to Charlotte on Tuesday.  Monday I went to visit my work, who I'm so grateful for.  Getting cabin fever and so ready to start traveling and working. I also met up with my advisor from PA school.  She gave me some great ideas for presenting ovarian cancer to PA conferences, which is what I ultimately want to do.
4.  Tuesday morning we woke to a lot of snow and it snowed all day.  I went to the temple that morning and came out to as much or more snow than what I had scraped off my car before going.  I was grateful some nice guy let me get in my car to warm up as he scraped the snow off for me.
5.  Tuesday I flew to Charlotte!  Need I say more?  Just flying in made me feel like I was home again.  And to fly in to 60's was heavenly! The best is that today it was 76 with humidity and felt wonderful!
6.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night with my friend Lauren and her cute family of boys!  She is such a great friend.  Wednesday I saw several of my Charlotte girlfriends at Lunch Bunch.  It was so good to see them.  Then Lauren and I went shopping at Talbots.  I spent a few hours chatting with my friend Katie before Lauren and I met my friend Carly for sushi!
7.  Thursday I met my friend Jessica for lunch.  We use to work together.  It was so good to see her.  Then I spent some time chatting with friends Wendy and momma and pappa Middlebrook. Nick came and picked me up and we went to the best live performance I have ever seen.  We had 4th row seats to the Charlotte Symphony Christmas program.  It was awesome and so good to see Nick!
8.  Today Nick and I went up to the mountains of Boone and Blowing Rock, hoping to see a beautiful view...we only saw fog, but it was still fun.  We had a delicious bbq lunch, the sauce was so good that we each bought some.
9.  We had a most enjoyable Japanese dinner with his Aunt Karen and Uncle Martin and chatted and laughed late into the evening when it was still 71 at 1030PM!

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  1. I don't know anyone that lives life to the fullest like you!! I'm so happy you went to Charlotte, you love it so much there, and you have so many good friends there!! Happy to hear your already planning to use your life experience with cancer to help others, you will help so many and give them hope!!