Friday, December 13, 2013

Yea For NC FF

1.  I had an incredibly busy, yet very enjoyable week in NC.  I loved it, even though it rained most of the time I was there.  Sunday I visited my ward where I was able to see so many of my dear friends.  It felt like I had never left.  We also had dinner with Nicks Family and watched the Christmas Devotional, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
2.  Monday I spent the day with girlfriends at Amelies, chatting in drive ways and finally in the house! I have the best girlfriends ever!  They always give me the best advice, encouragement and love.  That evening I attended my old works Christmas Party.  It was so good to see the wonderful people that I use to work with.

3.  Tuesday I went with Nick to his work Christmas Luncheon in this beautiful house.  I am so about old, vintage homes that are here in the South.  That afternoon we went to see Frozen, such a cute story.  I loved the moral of the story that love can warm any heart.  We also saw the lights at the Charlotte Speedway.  This was my first time there.  It is huge, bet it would be an experience to be there for a race. We visited with Nicks Aunt Karen who agreed to take a picture of us in front of her beautiful tree and decorations.  Her house was decorated so much in Christmas and I loved it.

4.  Wednesday during my 4 hour layover in Las Vegas a very kind gentleman bought me a jamba juice.  This was such a kind gesture and much appreciated.
5.  Yesterday was our RS Christmas activity.  The dinner and program turned out so well.  With me starting back to work soon, I think this will be my last activity in this calling I hope for a while.  I have loved this calling, but it is a lot of work.
6.  I agreed to go to Phoenix for work starting the last few days in January.  I'm ready to get back to work, I just hope that I can remember everything that I use to know.
6.  Today is the big day that I will say goodbye to Hank, I've gotten use to him, but it is time he is gone.  My abdominal port will also be removed too.  Hoping for a quick recovery!


  1. Thinking of you as you say goodbye to Hank! So nice to get all of that done before the end of the year.
    2014 is going to be awesome, Terah!
    p.s. Phoenix sounds like a wonderful place to start the year. That warm sunshine will be fabulous.

  2. Special time in NC With all your millions of friends!! So many cute pictures of you !! You are so tiny next to tall Nick!! Hanks gone YEA~!! Yea!! I hope your feeling really great about now!!! Your going to have a Christmas you'll never want to forget!! Yipee Phoenix!!! Soon!! Love Aunt L