Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Last night when I went to bed I felt miserable, my body ached, my surgical wounds were sore, I was tired but couldn't fall asleep and yes I felt sorry for myself for having to go through what I have gone through.  Dad came to the side of my bed wiped my tears and reassured me that I have gone through the hardest part of this journey and am on my way to health and back to my normal life.  He reminded me of all the people in my life that continue to pray for me and how I have effected so many lives.

As my dad was at my side, my mom sat by her father's side as he struggled to breath.  I thought about how difficult this must be for my mom.  It must be difficult to watch your father struggle at the end of his life, but then I thought of how hard it must be for my father to watch his daughter struggle with a disease that could possibly take her life.  Dad has told me so many times that he truly has felt throughout this journey that this disease won't take my life but that I will win this fight and be able to move on with my life a better person.

I'm grateful for my dad, for my grandpa and for their love and support through this journey.

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  1. Your sweet post brought tears to my eyes. You've been through so much, but your parents have had to watch you suffer and that is agony for a parent. You've been blessed with the best parents I love them both so much. I'm praying you feel wonderful for Christmas and its only uphill from there!! Still praying for you every day, Love Aunt L