Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Peach Fuzz

Believe it or not....I see HAIR (actually it is peach fuzz in the form of hair) and not just on my head!  It's like one day it wasn't there and the next by golly it was!  My head has a nice shadow of dark peach fuzz like this...

I know I'm far from any kind of hair style, but this is exciting.  I've been told it takes about 4 months to actually have enough hair to have any kind of style, so that means March?

In the airplane restroom ( I know funny place, but the close quarters helped the situation) today the lighting was just perfect to allow me to see a few eyebrows and eyelashes. I was so excited I shared the news with the stewardess who was just as excited as I was.  I have a few strays left from chemo, I wonder if I should just pluck them and wait for the regrowth...or leave them.

There are other places where hair is starting to appear too...Still no hair in the axilla or legs, but I'll be pleased as punch if it never grows back there.

Oh the things you take for granted...


  1. Oh look at that! You've got fuzz - yay! Do you spend every waking moment rubbing your soft head? I do.
    I say pluck those last few eyebrows and lashes and start fresh. You will be amazed how quickly they come in once they start. And if you really want to be encouraged, get yourself a 10x magnifying mirror (Target has little compact ones) and you will be amazed at what's coming in that you can't see with out that extra power.
    Soooooo exciting, isn't it Terah? We'll have to share short hairdo ideas in the coming year.

  2. Because of you, those who love you don't take much for granted any more. You've had to suffer but we've been living this journey with you!! You have taught us so much!! Yea Hair, that is exciting!! Can't wait to see you in Jan and see how much has come in!! Love Aunt L

  3. Yes, I love the feel of the fuzz and yes I do rub it often! Funny that over the last few days of my hospital stay I can actually see eyebrows and eyelashes! So exciting!

    I'm so grateful to all who have been living this journey with me, we are all so much better because of it.