Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Hospital Stay

I'm going to attempt a post here in the hospital.  I have an O2 monitor on my right pinky which restricts me from using it, my vision is somewhat blurred and I'm tired.  However, it is quite in here with no distractions.  I was happy to be able to talk Dr. C into taking out both ports on Friday, which means I'm port free!  It was uncomfortable, I didn't want to have to have them flushed every month and I didn't want to have to pay for another surgery to have the last one taken out in 2014.
I will admit it was a little rough coming out of anesthesia this time, surprisingly since last time wasn't so bad, however it was neat to have a sister from my ward there as my recovery nurse and I didn't even know she worked in recovery.  She was so good to me too.  I did puke 4 times, but since I didn't have anything in my stomach it wasn't bad.  Sister Jones came to tend me Friday night while my mom went out for a few hours.  Sister Jones has been on a mission through this entire ordeal and was happy that she was able to help.  Of course I was totally out of it, but that's ok.

In the middle of the night the NA took my blood pressure which was 65/33, he took it twice at that reading and I saw his face go white.  I think he was a bit freaked out.  Of course the nurse came in and took it several times too.  They drew my blood which my hemoglobin was 8.4 and low, but it has since gone up to 9.2.  I'm on the mend, just a little sore, tired and have a headache, but I'll hopefully be on the mend soon.  The exciting part of this entire ordeal is that I no longer have an intestine or Hank hanging from my abdomen!  It felt so good to take a shower today without a bunch of contraptions .  Of course the answer to the question you are all dying to ask?  Yes, I am passing a good amount of gas!  I know gas never sounded so appealing after not having it for 6 months!  If my brothers could only hear me now, they'd get a good laugh for sure.

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  1. Since I've never passed gas, I can only imagine how wonderful it must be!! Here's to gas and NO Hank anymore!!!! Yea Yipee Happiness is!!! Love Aunt L