Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost Christmas FF

1.  Today is the last Friday before Christmas.  I can't believe it.  I am excited to have gotten all of my packages in the mail today, packages ordered in the mail, gifts wrapped (almost) and peanut clusters made.
2.  Grandpa Swensen passed away yesterday.  This is a very happy, positive event.  He had suffered long with cancer for almost 8 months.  I'm sure he had quite the reunion in Heaven.
3.  My insides are all now on the inside where they belong, I talked Dr. C into taking both ports out (as I have no intentions of ever having to use them for chemo again) and yes the plumbing is all working perfectly!  I now can sleep through the entire night without having to get up to use the ladies room!  It has been years since I have had that luxury.  Mass on bladder and Hank means no sleeping through the night.
4.  I had wonderful care in the hospital but was glad to have only had to stay 4 nights.  Potassium came up, as well as did my oxygen and blood pressure.  Still a little anemic, but I can handle that.  Dr. C wanted to keep me one more day and I frankly told her I wanted to go home by 10 that day and I was!  I'm feeling well and moving around like I almost didn't have surgery 1 week ago.  Yes, I'm a little sore, but I can handle anything better than what I have been through this year.
5.  The Utah kids are coming home tonight!  I can't wait to see them and spend the next few weeks together.
6.  It is snowing buckets right now and I am loving it.  I feel like a child looking out the window watching it add up!
7.  Sister Jones and Sister Pool each brought their Christmas treat by this week.  I look forward to these all year long!

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  1. I can imagine you enjoying this Christmas like no other!! I hope it was wonderful!!