Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas To Me

Last week I got a bill from St. Lukes of $4128.  I was quite confused because I was told a month ago that I didn't qualify for financial assistance.  I was confused at this amount, because 2 months ago my bill was twice this much.  Today I went to pay $2128 which has been on my HSA account since I worked in Charlotte and was put on it from my previous employer (I had $3100 earlier this year but paid my radiology bill with it).  I asked the financial lady about my bill today.  To my great and appreciated surprise, what I thought was an over $8000 bill was now half because 50% was taken off for financial assistance!  Yes, Merry Christmas to me!  I am so grateful, I guess they changed their minds.  I now only have a bill of $2020 that I have to pay which I will pay once I start working again in February.  I'm so grateful for insurance, financial assistance, an HSA that I once thought was a ridiculous kind of insurance and my savings account.  In total I have only had to pay $6882, yes only when my bills have been well over $150,000-$200,000 this year.  But actually if you take the $3100 that I had from my HSA I've really only had to pay $3800 out of my checking account.  Of course that doesn't include the over $4,000 that I've paid for my COBRA insurance, but then again I did get that pretty much paid for with another blessing.  So yes, I'm grateful for the blessings of tithing, because let's be truthful, this is all a blessing from being a faithful tithe payer.

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  1. What a relief that must be, you have truly been blessed!! I think someone up there loves you!!