Monday, December 9, 2013

Celebration of Hope

Saturday was one of the best days ever.  I met Rachel at Amelies for a pastry and tea and of course to catch up.  Love this girl! I'm so grateful for our relationship.  Disclosure:  It's a teal kind of day!
Then I was off for a very special luncheon:  Teal Diva's had a luncheon for Ovarian Cancer Survivors. It was an awesome afternoon spent with other women who have gone through what I have.  I met people that I know I will forever be friends with.  The lunch was delicious, we got fun gifts, had great music and I won a $150 cooking party for me and 4 friends!  I've been told that not many young women get ovarian cancer, but this party proved to me that there are young women that do get this disease and live!
One of my nurses requested that I stop by CMC Pineville ED and visit her which of course I did.  It was so good seeing her, my previous director who is now at Pineville and another PA that I love.  The other doctor's working that day were new and I didn't know them.  

I have awesome friends, we established that long ago, but they showed even more of their awesomeness by having a Celebration of Hope Party in recognition of my survival through chemo and my remission. It was by far one of the best parties ever.  I loved that everyone wore teal.  I had such a great time catching up with all of them!  The cake was Totally Awesome!  Everyone kept saying how good my coloring was and asked about my energy.  I think I look pale and yes I have plenty of energy!


  1. That cake is awesome! You are sooooooo loved Terah!

  2. Fight girl, that's really cute and perfect!! More memorable and special experiences in the like of Terah!!!. Jennifer is so right you are sooooooo loved!!

  3. You two are the best. Love you too!

  4. It was wonderful having you here! When you're here, it seems like you never left at all! Here's hoping that Greensboro job works out...

  5. It was awesome being there. It does feel like I never left.