Monday, November 18, 2013

NYC Bound

Dear Readers:

As of 530 in the morning I'll be NYC bound for the next week!  I am so excited to visit friends, cousins and to take my mom along with me to see all the sights, hear all the sounds and taste all the delicious food that NYC has to offer.  I love this city that never sleeps.  There is something about it that makes me smile non-stop while I'm there.  I'm sure it is mostly because of the company that I am with when there.

I'm not taking my computer.  It is just to heavy and I have too much to see and do to blog.  You never know, I might have a guest blogger or maybe I'll have a few minutes to borrow someone else's computer for a little update.  But if you don't get a post in the next week just know I'm celebrating my remission and this long journey that I have been on.  Oh, yes I almost forgot the real reason I'm going to NYC is for a free medical conference...they usually cost a good $500-$600, so I'll be gaining some good knowledge while vacationing as well!

Hope you are all getting ready for the holidays, I sure am.  So much to look forward to and to celebrate!

See You Soon!

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  1. Have a wonderful time in NYC!! Happy birthday!! Love Aunt L