Friday, August 2, 2013

Already August FF

1.  I can't believe we only have one more month of Summer.  It's crazy who quickly this Summer has gone by.  I did get in the pool again Tuesday with my friends after I had chemo.  I love being in the pool.  I just have to be careful and not stay out too long.  I don't want to get a sunburn, just a few rays.
2.  Wednesday I talked to my dear friend Shellie for an hour.  I just love her and am so grateful for her in my life.  I hope to visit her sometime in the near future.  I've always wanted to go to NYC at Christmas time.  During my chemo treatment on Wednesday I finally got to talk to my friend Katie.  We have been playing phone tag throughout this whole ordeal.  I just love her too.  I surely have been blessed with the best friends a girl could ask for.
3.  Monday I had lunch with dear friends.  I love my lunch dates with friends.  We went to a new Vietnamese restaurant which was rather delicious.
4.  Tuesday Tenielle and Tristen accompanied me to Chemo.  It was fun to have a sisters date even if it was just to Chemo.  Tenielle went back to SLC to work for a few weeks, but I know she will be back soon.  When I got home from Chemo I received the most beautiful flowers from my friend Noelle who was my neighbor in NC.  I sure miss her and our visits.
5.  We celebrated Stella's first birthday on Sunday.  She is such a bright spot in our family.  We sure love her!
6.  This week I have had several people bring me scarves and hats to cover my bald head.  They are all so super cute.  Even my cousin Olivia got me some darling scarves from Ann Taylor Loft.  I love them.      If Aidree see's me without a hat or scarf on my head she says, "Terah put your hat on."  The social worker gave me some books to read to my nieces and nephews about cancer and hair loss.  I think they will eventually get use to my new look.  


  1. That cracks me up that kids can be so bossy & cute at the same time. I'd do as I was told :)

  2. Terah you have so many wonderful friends and family that love you. I'm so thankful for them all, your life is so rich even during this very difficult time. Reminds me of the show wonderful life.