Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fluorescent Pink, Storage Unit Organization and A Wind Storm

This is my free week where I don't have any chemo treatments.  This is the week that I pack as much into it as I can, because one never knows how I will feel after chemo.  This is the week before school starts around these parts, when we swim as much as we can and take in the last few weeks of Summer. This week Tristen's husband is out of town and so she is staying with us because her house is rented and she is moving to Utah in a few weeks.  We are so sad too.  Yesterday was a good day.  I have needed to get some letters typed and in the mail and I finally got them finished and too the Post Office.  Tristen and I stopped at Sonic for happy hour where I got my favorite Summer drink pineapple island breeze.  My girlfriends brought their kids over to swim and my friend Rachel painted my toenails fluorescent pink!  We had a delicious dinner of fried rice and spinach salad while we visited with Aunt Marian and Uncle Harvey.  As they were leaving a huge windstorm blew through in 5 minutes leaving a huge mess, branches all over the front yard and several large branches broken on our tree in the pasture, broken as in it looks like a bridge over the canal. There is DUST EVERYWHERE.  Of course we never get rain, which we need; just wind and dust and a big fat mess.  Thankfully the windstorm blew over and cooled temperatures down so that we could go to the storage unit where we met girl cousins, and Troy and Becky.  True love is people who volunteer to help clean out your storage unit that looks like a  windstorm blew through.  Lets just say there was no organization when the unloading took place 21 months ago.  Our purpose of going to the storage unit was to find the food that was in there, specifically the home canned goods and to take my bed and chester drawers out to store them in someones home.  The food box was the last box we came too!  Thankfully none of the jars were broken and there was no food dripping from the boxes.  I also was able to find curtains for Tristen and some PA study books.  I figure I have plenty of time to refresh on subjects I lack knowledge on.  The storage unit is now rather organized.  It isn't as depressing as it has been and there is surprisingly room to walk in.  After a stop by Sonic again for 8 o-clock Happy Hour for shakes, we picked up sticks from the front yard.  There were tons of sticks and branches and the girls did a great job helping out!  We then had a sleepover with Tristen and her girls!  I love sleepovers!  Hooray for a full day of great accomplishments and fun!  What will today bring?  More fun of course!


  1. Terah you sound so much like you did while you were here. Positive happy and loving life!! You are a teacher, to us all and we are all learning because of you!! You are my beautiful courageous niece!!

  2. So happy Lauren is able to come visit you! I was trying to figure out a way to get some Amelie's to you through her, but I guess the best way is to come visit Charlotte ;).