Friday, August 9, 2013

End Of Round 2 Chemo FF

1.  I have finished round 2 of chemo.  I'm actually feeling rather well.  I read earlier this week on some random website that taking a antihistamine helps with the bone pain.  I have done that every day this week and walla, no bone pain.  Still a little sleepy, a few sores on the end of my tongue, some generalized weakness and a little indigestion.  If that is all I get from chemo I'll take it.  4 more rounds to go and my free week from chemo or Dr's. appointments this coming week!
2. and give a free scarf to those fighting cancer.  I received both this week.  Hopescarves is awesome because they send you a scarf from a previous cancer survivor who wore the same scarf when she was fighting cancer along with her story.  Mine came from a 31 year old from Lexington, SC who had breast cancer.  It was a beautiful scarf too (it was the one I wore in the last post at the hospital.)  Goodwishes sent me more of a hat like scarf which is fuchsia with white polka dots.  One tail has a fairy with a wand made from rhinestones, very cool.  Everyone in their office wrote a nice note on a card.  They also pin your name on their wall in their office and send good wishes.
3.  I always thought blackberries were only good in NC, wrong.  We have an abundance of sweet, delicious blackberries from our blackberry bush that grows along the ditch bank.  We have had them fresh and in cobbler.  Yummy!  I also picked cucumbers and tomato's from the garden this week.  The sad news is our plum tree didn't produce a single plum this year, unlike last year when we had more than we could eat.
4.  My friend Lauren bought a plane ticket this week to come visit next week!  I can't wait.  It will be so good to see her!
5.  I was feeling so good today that we had dinner at Cafe' Ole' with Tristen and Mitch and then had snow cones.  It was nice to get out on a Friday night.  It was also my first time having Mexican food since my surgery.  It was delicious! We also snuck in a little Talbots shopping.  I bought a sweatshirt that I know will be nice and comfortable come fall.
6.  I got a book in the mail this week that I have been enjoying called Below Stairs The classic kitchen maid's memoir that inspired Upstairs, Downstairs, and Downton Abbey.  It's a pretty fast, easy read.
7.  The kids came over and swam this week which is always fun.  I even got in the pool with them!  I will be sad when swimming season is over; I always am.
8.  Yesterday mom and I went shopping.  I got a fun new skirt and fabric to make a skirt.  The one thing that I'm getting tired of is that I can't wear pants or shorts or anything tight around my waiste.  I can only wear skirts, yoga pants and dresses because of the ileostomy, it's just uncomfortable otherwise.
9.  Thanks to chemo I no longer have to shave!  It's a wonderful thing; the no shaving part!


  1. You are a busy girl, Terah!
    It's awesome that you are packing so much in to your good days. :)
    I'm noticing as my rounds go by that the effects aren't necessarily getting worse, it's just taking me longer to bounce back. I do a little something, then hit the couch because I'm so exhausted....then repeat that all day long! I don't sleep well though because of the steroids. :(
    Jealous that they are giving you iv fluids. I am sooooo sick of drinking 4000 gallons of water every day! "You have to drink so your chemo doesn't give you bladder cancer!" Some days, I'd take the bladder cancer! I switch chemos next round, so I'll have new side effects, one of which is bone and joint pain, so I'll take your advice on the allergy meds. Do you stay on the same chemo for your whole treatment?
    Also, I know you work in an ER, but what is your job? Just curious. :)
    Sorry for the novel! Have a great day, Terah!

  2. I don't sleep well either, especially the days they give me the steroids, ambien! I often feel tired, but can't go to sleep and I always wake at 3am and can't go back to sleep. I think mine might be from no hormones because of the hysterectomy. They only give me IV fluids the day after IP chemo because of its hard effects from the chemo. I do stay on the same chemo the entire time. I'm a Physician Assistant and do both ER and Urgent Care and love it! Send me your address @ and I'll send you one of my favorite CD's that help me go to sleep.