Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Summer Pasta Salad

Every Summer I look for the perfect pasta salad recipe and can never find it.  It seems that so many pasta salads have mayo in them and I don't like mayo in pasta salad, because it makes me think of picnics and fly's.  So when I was in Phoenix this Spring, since it felt like Summer I made up my own concoction of the best Summer Pasta Salad ever.  I'd eat it every night here if Dad didn't wrinkle up his nose thinking but not saying, "don't feed me chick food."  So I give to you my recipe of the best Summer Pasta Salad without mayo...

Colored pasta, bowtie, wheat pasta or whatever you have in your pantry
Combine whatever left overs you have in your fridge mine usually are:
Ham this makes it so yummy
Artichoke hearts
Tomato's I like a lot!
Garbonzo Beans
Red, Yellow or Orange Peppers
Green Onions
The best part:  Chunks of Pepper Jack Cheese it gives it this slightly spicy taste and every time I make this someone say's what is that amazing taste:  PJC!
Then drizzle a little Olive Oil, a little more Balsamic Vinegar (I'm a fanatic lover of this), and some (key ingredient)  Dry Italian Dressing Mix.
Salt and Pepper
Combine more and enjoy!  I like to refrigerate mine for a while and mix it more! I think the taste is somewhat in the mixing it over and over again to cover it all with the dressing.


  1. I loved it!! HMMM I need to make some!!
    Love Aunt Leslie

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  3. I've had it and its delicious! Thanks for the recipe:)