Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun Filled Summer FF

1.  I have taken full advantage of my week off of chemo and packed everything I could into this week.  It has been a great week!  My favorite part of the week was picking my friend Lauren up from the airport.  She has been here since Wednesday!  I love it when my friends have great husbands that tell their wives it's okay to leave for a few days to visit their friend who has cancer and not to worry because they will take care of their 4 boys.  I'm continually on the hunt for that kind of husband...
2.  Sunday evening I had a friend leave her family for 3 hours just to come visit me.  It was so nice to sit and visit and get to know her better.
3.  Tuesday Alisha, Tristen, and Des brought their kids over to swim.  I got in too!  I love the sun beating down on me, but since chemo I can only stay out about an hour before I get too hot.  The kids ate 4 pounds of grapes, lots of salsa and goldfish of course the adults had a little too!  I'm totally into homemade salsa these days with the fresh tomato's growing in our garden!
4.  Wednesday we went through all the boxes we had brought home from the storage unit.  It feels good to have gotten rid of several things that should have been thrown out 21 months ago!
5.  It was so fun to sit out in the Sunroom and visit with Lauren late into the evening when she arrived.  Oh, the joys of friendships and catching up!  It's so real to have her here!  You know your true friends when you can sit and chat for hours without running out of things to talk about!
6.  Thursday was a BIG day!  We met Alisha and Ava for lunch at our favorite cafe, The Robins Nest. I had my first Strawberry Salad since my surgery!  They've told me to stay away from lettuce after chemo because it can harbor bacteria.  It's far enough out that I indulged!  Alisha, Lauren and Ava then got their hair cut!  When we got there a girl from our ward was having her hair cut too.  I convinced her to donate to locks of love and she did.  It takes 4 donations for 1 wig.  I think all of their haircuts turned out darling.  I was a bit jealous that I couldn't have my hair done too.  I am so grateful for their support!
7.  I've introduced Lauren to snow cones!  Not just a snow cone the tropical snow, very fine ones that melt in your mouth.  I'll never understand why there isn't a snow cone shack on every corner in NC like there is here.
8.  Today we went to Deseret Book, took in a session at the temple, where we met Tenielle who drove in from SLC this morning, introduced Lauren to Cafe' Rio and Uswirl, got fabric from Hobby Lobby, made dresses and skirts and talked ALOT!  I would say this was almost as close to the perfect day as any!


  1. You are a quick blogger my friend! I'm still sitting on a plane in S.Dakota! :) I miss you already. Back to reality! Thank you to the whole Young family for such a FUN visit!!

  2. I just bet you put ONIONS in that salsa UGH!! I know everyone does it but not me!!! Your so easy to talk to anyone could talk to you for hours!! You have the funniest and best stories!! Love Aunt Leslie