Friday, August 23, 2013

Round 3 Chemo FF

1.  Sunday evening mom and I went to stake choir practice, as we have stake conference in September.  (In our church we are divided into wards and so many wards make a stake and we have 2 stake conferences a year.)  The songs we are singing are all of my favorites and so beautiful.  We have always had a beautiful choir.  
2.  When we got home from choir my Aunt Cindy and cousin Reagon were there to visit.  They didn't leave until after 11.  It was fun to sit and talk with them.  I haven't seen them at all since I've been sick, because they have been sick and they didn't want to bring me their germs.  I'm grateful that people stay away from me when they are sick so that I don't get any chance of getting sick.  
3.  This week was the start of my week for round 3 of chemo.  I'll finish it up next week and will be half way through.  My friend and old co-worker (when I was a CNA and she an LPN) Bonnie took me Tuesday to the Nampa MSTI for my IV chemo.  She has wanted to take me, as do a lot of other friends, so we are letting them and giving mom a break.  It is nice to have people serve me, when I know they are busy in their own lives, but they need blessings just as much as I do.
4.  Tenielle and mom were suppose to fly to Martha's Vineyard and be there for 2 weeks on Tuesday, but since that didn't happen, Tenielle stayed the week and will go back with Tanner on Monday.  It is always nice to have her here and to help cut the ileostomy bag!  She is really precise.  
5.  Wednesday I visited with Dr. Dan.  He is so awesome.  Tenielle and Mom came with me for my IP chemo.  He continues to give us our genuine hugs and lets me know how proud he is that I'm doing so well with my chemo treatments.  He reassures me that the 10 pounds of weight gain in my abdomen will go away and is only from the fluids, given the fact that I really don't eat that much.  It is so uncomfortable, but is actually feeling much better than it did this past weekend.  Tristen and the girls came to visit while I was having chemo.  Bridget wasn't so sure about the whole ordeal, but we gave her candy to bribe a picture out of her.  I also accumulated a few scarves and hats from the free room for cancer patients and a new curly wig!
Dr. Dan Z. my medical oncologist aka Chemo Dr.
Marybeth Dr. Dan's awesome nurse.
Teal is the ovarian cancer survivor color, it is my new favorite color.
6.  My friend Linda brought me a beautiful pink scarf from her trip to San Francisco and a cantaloupe from her garden.  I sure love her and her visits.
7.  Tuesday night we had another pizza and pool party with my nieces and nephews.  Kadyn and Gavin started school on Tuesday.  I can't believe they are already in first grade.  Kadyn said he didn't learn anything at school and Gavin said he learned a lot.  Kind of funny their different perspectives of their first day of school.  My brother Tony also got into Grad School and started this week; I'm so happy for him and he seems to be happy with what he is going into PR Communications.
8.  Monday Tristen and our Swimming Sisters came over after school.  I had such a great time chatting with them and watching their children swim and have fun together.  I have such a love for those kids and grateful they are in my life.
9.  Today mom and Tenielle are making raspberry/blackberry jelly.  We are still getting a ton of blackberries which I am loving and enjoying!
 10.  My friends Jasher and Jenny sent me this beautiful hydrangeas a few weeks ago.  I love it.  It reminds me of NC where they grow in abundance.  I love the vase that it came in too, so different and matches the flower so well.

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  1. Such cute pictures!! I love fresh berry jam!!
    Love Aunt Leslie