Friday, August 2, 2013

Chemo Side Effects

Today is the day I have chemo side effects.  I'm finding this happens a few days after chemo.  They bite.  I'm still not vomiting thank goodness, but I'm so tired as in I've slept almost all day and I'm still tired.  My body aches as in each joint of my fingers and my heals hurt and everywhere else.  I have little sores on the end of my tongue too, but still no vomiting!  Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better.  This IP chemo makes my stomach bloated and is very uncomfortable.  Thankfully I'm not having super bad cramping like Dr. Dan told me I would.  I have no appetite, however I've gained 5 pounds from Tuesday to Thursday thanks to all the fluids they have pumped into me.  August, September, October and I'll be finished with this chemo crap...Counting down the months and now only 13 treatments left.


  1. 13 weeks seems like a long time when its so dang hard but then you have a life time of healthy and happy and I feel you will be so close to Heavenly Father all your life!!

  2. Do you find it hard to describe that icky chemo fog to people? It certainly is a unique (and gross!) feeling.

    1. Yes! Surprisingly I am feeling rather well today, which I shouldn't be! I think it is from taking a claritin or zyrtec. I read somewhere that it helps with bone pain and I am not having any today.