Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chemo Round 3 Side Effects

I document the side effects from chemo for myself, not to complain, but to remember for myself.  For some reason the fatigue of Chemo Round 3 started when I was having it on Tuesday and has stretched through until today.  It is crazy how I can sleep several hours a day and then be able to sleep all night.  It is kind of a weird sleep, sometimes I feel as if I'm sleeping, but I can hear all that is going around me, but just unable to open my eyes.  Not so bad today, but the last few days I have been so tired.  It seemed to let up yesterday afternoon and of course I couldn't sleep last night, which has left me tired today. I have continued to take the zyrtec twice a day and the bone pain has seemed to be very minimal, except for this morning when I was sitting in church and hadn't taken it.  Needless to say, I only stayed for the first hour of church; came home, took a zyrtec and a rest.  I am feeling much better this afternoon.  Last weekend I developed some increased water retention in my abdomen, which worsened through the chemo treatments.  Dr. Dan said it was mostly from inflammation in my abdomen, which can happen with IP Chemo.  Thankfully every single lab was normal and the CA 125 is down to 22!  Thursday when I went to get IV fluids I had gained 13 pounds from a few weeks ago.  Thankfully, the water weight has decreased and I can see my ankles today.  The water weight is most uncomfortable; actually the whole thing is uncomfortable.  I long for the day my body will be normal again as in when I can do sit up's and run 4 miles.  I did have a little chest pain on Tuesday after I had IV chemo, not quite sure what that was all about, but it is gone now!  It being Sunday afternoon and I am finally feeling well, we will now go do some Sunday visits and hope the side effects from the last treatment of round 3 on Tuesday is minimal, because people we have a holiday weekend sneaking upon us and I want to enjoy it!

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  1. I'm so happy you rest when you're tired and take care of yourself!! That way you are helping your body fight this!!
    Keep taking care!!!
    Love Aunt Leslie