Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Healthy And Strong

After I got home from my 15 days in the hospital I had a melt down one night as we were having prayer.  I said to my dad, "I always pray for health and strength; safety and protection.  Why did Heavenly Father not bless me with what I asked for?"  I remember thinking when I was in AZ how blessed our family has been to have good health and safety.  I've recently come to realize Heavenly Father has blessed me with these things.  Even though I have cancer I am still healthy and strong.  I have been so blessed to be healthy through my first 2 rounds of chemo.  I was told by many that it was going to be so bad and it hasn't been.  When I had my follow up with Dr. P. he told me that I was through the worst of it and I remember thinking, yea right I haven't started the chemo yet.  He was right though.  So yes, Heavenly Father has answered my prayers and continues to do so.  I have prayed for minimal effects from the chemo and I have been blessed with just that and am ever so grateful for those blessing too!

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  1. WOW Terah I never cease to be amazed by you!!
    Leslie Gaisford