Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dad's Big Day

My dad has been the bishop of our ward for 5 years, which is standard.  He has loved this calling and loves the people in our ward as do we.  We have seen the blessings as a family from his service.  This is not a paid calling, but the blessings that come from him serving is more than money could buy.  Dad's 5 years were are up and he got released yesterday.  It was a great opportunity to hear both of my parents testimonies of the gospel as they shared them with our congregation. I loved how my mom talked about  how she supported my dad by having his white shirts cleaned and ironed when he needed them and how it was her little part in supporting him in his calling.  All of my sibling except Tanner who is wrapping up his sales in Indiana were there.  It was nice to be together.  We had a lovely afternoon together as well.  It was rather funny that all of us girls wore polk-a-dots to church and we wore stripes when we changed out of church clothes.  Totally a coincidence and not planned.  I guess we all just have the same sense of style.  Sure can't wait to see Tanner on Saturday!

Playing pick-a-boo with Bridget; sure love this girl!
Such cute nephews!
Dad got a Sunday afternoon nap amongst all of the loudness of the kids.
Sweet Stella!
Love my brothers.  


  1. Nice for a mini family reunion :). Congrats and great job done, I'm sure, for your dad.

  2. We know the mixed feelings of being released from a calling you've put your heart and soul in!! I wonder what Tony's next adventure is?? Polka dots and beautiful women!! Love all the pictures!! How wonderful to feel the support and love of your family!! Terah your cute, you use the word lovely a lot, that was my moms favorite word she said it constantly! Love Aunt Leslie