Sunday, October 6, 2013

Get Married

My Grandpa Swensen isn't doing very well.  He has lost so much weight and is so thin.  The sad thing though is that he lately is forgetting where he is and keeps saying that he is messed up in his head.  Sometimes though he knows the past.  So this afternoon when I visited him I asked him to tell me what Winters were like in St. Anthony.  His reply was "Snow up to the ying yang."  I then asked him how they stayed warm, expecting the story about how they would warm up stones and put them in their beds, but instead he replied, "Get Married."  He still has a sense of humor even though he doesn't have much of his mind.  We sure hope this doesn't last long.  It is sad to see him like this.  We are pretty sure the cancer has gone to his mind with a mix of meds that makes him not remember.  At least he remembers that I'm his favorite granddaughter and he wants to leave all of his cash including his collection of silver dollars to me for ovarian cancer research!

1 comment:

  1. He's so blessed to have you for a granddaughter! Snow up the ying yang that's funny!! Love ALeslie