Friday, October 4, 2013

How I Love October FF

1.  I wasn't sure if I had to pay a max out of pocket of $7,500 or $10,500, but this week it was finalized that I only have to pay $7,500 and deductible of $700.  Talk about a tender mercy!
2.  We had such fun with the kids this past weekend at the pumpkin patch and watching the BSU game.  I love when we are all together.  It makes me happy.  We haven't all been home since at least Christmas.  I don't count when I was in the hospital, because I wasn't home.
3.  My friends went to Hawaii and brought me back coconut chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  My favorite.  Of course I requested them and they delivered!
4.  Only 4 more chemo's left.  Can you tell I'm counting down the days and weeks!  I'm ready for my hair to grow back.
5.  I booked a Continued Medical Education to NYC November 21-23 (Happy Birthday to me).  I can't wait!  I've always wanted to go to NYC around the holidays.  Best part about the conference is that it is free, which usually cost $400-$600.  Of course I have to pay for hotel, food, and transportation but it is all a write off.  Mom and dad will be coming too which will be a nice break for us all after what we have been through the last 5 months.
6.  My brother Tanner got a 97% on his first stats test this week.  I'm so happy for him.  That is a hard class.
7.  You know how I've talked about the Brick Oven Beanery for years and they closed last November?  Well their cookbook came out this week with my favorite recipes, especially Gumbo which they actually got the recipe from a restaurant in NOLA.  I can't wait to feel up to making it.  Alisha picked the book up for me on Wednesday before visiting me at the hospital during chemo.  I still haven't gotten through the entire book, but I will eventually.  I have this weird love for reading cookbooks!
8.  The last Saturday of September is always the General Relief Society Broadcast from SLC.  It was so fun to go with my sisters last Saturday to this.  I can't remember the last time we were able to attend it together.  President Monsons talk was awesome and inspired me to keep the faith.  The General RS presidency all talked about keeping our covenants.  I am so excited for this weekend to watch General Conference.  It is always so inspiring and uplifting.  You can view it on the web on, or the BYU station or if you are in Idaho on local stations.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I will!

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  1. Its so wonderful when the whole family can be together!! You sure have a beautiful family!! Almost as beautiful as mine!! Your making me miss the whole fall thing although we do have pumpkin patches there's just no fall feel to the air. However I'm grateful mornings and nights are cooler Yea!! But days are still in the 90's BOO!!! That trip sounds sooooo fun and it'll be great to have your mom and dad with you!! You sure look beautiful I love that last picture of you with one of the girls on your lap. Love Aunt L