Friday, October 18, 2013


1.  Ah, what an incredible week it has been which started out with movie night with Troy, Becky and the kids by watching a Halloween movie.  Yea, they are a bit young for movie night, but nonetheless, we had fun with popcorn and a movie on the big screen last Friday night.
2.  Saturday Danielle and I went boot shopping.  We didn't find any boots, but some tights and leggings for the Fall and Winter.
3.  I finally got my carmel apple sugar babies, oh so yummy!
4.  Sunday I drove to SLC with Tristen, Mitch and the girls.  Oh what fun to be in SLC for the entire week!  We stopped in Twinfalls to see Mitch's cousin who just came home from his mission in Liberia. It was fun to hear his stories of the crowds of people who would listen to the missionaries on the streets.  He said that when they decide to become converted they do it whole heartedly.
5.  Monday night after FHE my siblings surprised me with a Rita' of my favorite places in CLT.  Apparently SLC just got a Rita's.  We love us some Rita's ice!
6.  Tuesday we met friends at IKEA.  I saw the cutest little boy in a lion outfit.  I guess his mom didn't want to fight him when he decided he was a lion for the day.

7.  Thursday I wasn't feeling too hot, so I layed around and watched movies with the girls.  Sometimes you just need a day to be lazy.
8.  Today I went to the Family History Library and got 29 names temple ready!  I love the amazing programs that they have to do Family History.  I met up with cousins that I haven't seen in years this afternoon.  It was such fun to see them.
9.  For a quick lunch today Tenielle and mom and I went to the Soup Kitchen which is really a dive, but I had the best Ham and Bean soup and bread sticks.  If you are in SLC check it out, you won't be disappointed.
10.  Last Saturday I got a surprise phone call from my friend Shelley in NYC.  I love that gal!  She always makes me happy; lucky me I get to see her in 4 weeks!


  1. I've never heard of carmel apple sugar babies. Where do you get them? I've also not heard of Rita's ice cream is that only in SLC? Sounds like a full fun week!! That picture of the little boy in the lion suit was so funny, especially the last one. I am impressed,29 names you are doing so good!! Even with everything going on you are constantly thinking of others!! Love Aunt L

  2. Dollar Store for Carmel Apple Sugar addicting! Rita's is in Phoenix, I'll take you there when I come back they have custard, but I love the italian ice!