Monday, October 7, 2013

Enough Already

It's Monday morning the week after my twofer chemo and the second week of the fabulous month of October, which means I should be feeling back to normal and enjoying this beautiful day.  But I'm not.  My bones are still aching, I'm dizzy, my indigestion is most uncomfortable, I have sores in the back of my mouth that hurt worse when I brush my teeth or eat and my lips are chapped.  Worst of all, my left nostril is plugged, but it is running and making me think I am getting a cold, which I will not get because I have to be healthy enough to have chemo again tomorrow.  I didn't sleep very good at all last night, in fact I think I layed in bed without actually falling asleep from 10 to 3, before I finally got up and took a fourth of an ambien.  To tell you the truth I actually got up at 9 this morning, ate some cereal and then went back to bed, but didn't sleep.  Just felt sorry for myself, before I decided I'd feel a whole lot better if I just got up, got dressed, put my scarf on my bald head and put some make-up on, which always makes a girl feel a tinge better even if she feels like crap.

I was suppose to have a crochet day with my cousin and my aunt today, but that is clearly not happening.  Instead I'm curled up on the couch with my blanket, computer and book Grounded which was suggested on some random website and that Alisha got for me at the library.  It has been an ok read.  I love that Alisha is my library assistant.  I find books that people suggest and she gets them for me, since I don't have a library card, because we live one street off from the city and in the county.

It is a beautiful fall day, suppose to be 70 today before we plummet to the 50's for the rest of the week.  I'm ready for fall in my sweater, skirt and flip flops.  Mom just suggested that I go out and enjoy the sunshine, which I will when it gets a little warmer.  I'm looking forward to my turkey reuben and french onion soup for lunch, even though mom just asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said, "Nothing." Turkey reubens and french onion soup seem to make my taste buds happy, now that I'm now starting to taste again for one day, before tomorrow's chemo will take my taste buds away for another week.  I'm totally into honey crisp apples, which the fruit stand has for $1.49 a pound, totally cheap compared to wal-marts price of $3.00 a pound.  I like them dipped in peanut butter or goat cheese.  I think now that I've written this post, my pain medicine has kicked in and I'm not having such shooting pains, my cousin Abe and Uncle Robert have just arrived from cutting Grandpa's toenails and we will I'm sure have a lovely visit.  Visitors usually take my mind off of my discomfort!


  1. Your walking through the fire but you keep walking!! Love AL

  2. Oh, I like that. I'm feeling so much better since yesterday!