Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This morning I am having the first treatment of my last round of chemo.  It doesn't seem real.  It has gone fast, but it has also gone by slowly.  It is strange to come into MSTI to have chemo where everyone else is facing the same challenge that you are, where everyone else is having poison pumped into their bodies hoping it will cure them, where it seems like we are all the same in the aspect that we are all fighting a battle that we hope we will win with the help of fabulous nurses, doctors and meds.  MSTI is set up with chairs facing each other on both sides of the wall and one bed in the back corner, which is where I usually sit.  I like my privacy in the back.  However I have chatted with my new friend Cheryl from my last treatment.  It was fun to catch up with her.  She is told me about how her hair started growing back after 3 weeks the first time after she had finished treatment.  She is on her second treatment because it came back 10 months later.

I hope this is the last time (besides fluids on Thursday) that I have to sit in here for chemo.  I have faith that I'm being cured, that my hair will start growing back soon and that I'll be back to my normal self in the next few months.  Thankfully my counts were up enough for me to have chemo today!


  1. I hope this last round is easy on you!! So glad your count was good so you can feel good at our Halloween Party and we will PARTY!!! Love Aunt L

  2. Yay for the beginning of the end, Terah!
    I dreaded the last treatment too, but as you're going through the effects, just keep telling yourself that it's the last time you'll feel like this.
    And hair after three weeks?!?! I'm running up to check the mirror right now!

    1. Thanks...Hope you are feeling well. You will have to let me know when you start getting hair...I'll be right behind you!